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Why Red Rose Consultants?

You’ve spent months planning leading up to your wedding day. Planning is essential, but the execution is necessary. Entrust a Red Rose Wedding Consultant to work behind the scenes ensuring the photographer captures all the special moments, the DJ is cued and ready for your glorious entrance, the caterer is ready to serve, and your bridesmaids and groomsmen are picture-perfect.

No matter the size of your big day –from an intimate ceremony of 15 or a big wedding event of 300– having a professional Wedding Consultant on-site to direct and handle all the details is necessary.

What Can You Expect?

Thirty days prior to the wedding date the consultant will meet with the bride and groom to review the events. During this review, all the vendor contact information will be turned over to the consultant. The consultant will create a timeline and execution plan.

We will direct the wedding and reception ceremonies.

Liaise with participating vendors ensuring timely services and setup.

Provide light décor/set up: placement of menu cards, seat covers, centerpieces…etc.

Services start at $1500.00

Day Of Wedding Coordination

You’ve spent a lot of money and months of planning leading up to your wedding day. You have booked great vendors to come in to make it happen. You want YOUR wedding to be beautiful, joyous, and to run smoothly. Entrust this special occasion to a wedding professional with the experience to handle last-minute changes and deliver a personal “cared for” touch. Your wedding coordinator will work behind the scenes ensuring a seamless wedding for you and your guests.

30-45 days prior to the wedding date meet with the couple to turn over all vendor information and discuss final arrangements and expectations.

Coordination of rehearsal, wedding, and reception ceremonies

Light décor: Placement of centerpieces, favors, menu cards, table numbers, etc.

Liaise with all participating vendors to ensure proper setup and timely service.

Ensuring a seamless wedding services starts at $1500.00.

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